Sai Export

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Our pomegranates are highly famous for their best quality. Pomegranates are carefully picked from productive farm areas to maintain naturalness and purity. Our fresh pomegranates are fulfill with rich minerals, vitamins and flavor which help in quenching thirst as well as works as anti oxidant booster.



Our fresh grapes are available in a wide variety. To protect them from any damage we pack them in corrugated boxes, plastic crates, and nets bags. These fresh grapes are tested on various parameters like moisture content and freshness before reaching the customers.



Our fresh Watermelon is a rich source of water and vitamin C. Its consumption in summers provides protection from heat strokes. Our Farm Fresh Watermelon is fresh, tasty and flavorsome



Some words like Freshness, purity, longer shelf life are better describe our Coconuts. We offer fresh coconut which rich, juicy and natural which are supplied with/ without husk as per requirement.


Alphonso Mangos

Our Alphonso Mango has high demand in national and international market due to its freshness, purity, unadulterated nature and longer life. Each and every mango is handpicked. Best ones are then sorted out and then sent into the market.



Orange is a citrus fruit obtained from the several orange tree species. Its peel is orange and can be smooth or rough. Underneath has a white layer that surrounds the juicy pulp which is orange to reddish, divided into 8-10 segments, which may or may not have seeds.


FIBC bags

The carrying capacity is usually between 500kg to 1500kg. FIBC bags demand is very high from importers. We are one of the better exporter of FIBC bags in India.



We export all type of readymade garments as per requirement. We are one of the leading exporter of garment in India. We export Quality garments. We not compromise with quality.